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Mission Statement
Through excellence in professional practice, education, and in partnership with other caring agencies, the mission of the Valley Care Counselling Service - Yarra Valley is to provide caring, helpful assistance to people attempting to cope with issues in their lives, and to aid them in gaining insight into those issues. To develop strategies for coping, and to work towards the restoration of health and well being in mind, body and soul.

The specific aims of the Counselling Service are:
· To always be moving toward the healing of the whole person
· To promote personal growth
· To refer those with specific needs e.g. anger management and alcoholism, to support groups
· Family support

The staff of the Service acknowledges, and will seek to be guided in all their activities by the following values:
- The dignity and worth of each individual.
- An holistic approach that acknowledges the importance and necessity of other professions.
- Availability of services to all people regardless of socio-economic status, gender, age and or religious belief.



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