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Valley Care Counselling Service


Welcome to Valley Care Counselling Service.


Valley Care Counselling Service is operating again, albeit with some limited hours to see clients. We are sorry that this Service was not available for some time.
We are now taking more of a Life Coaching approach to counselling but still covering a range of issues from relationships to anxiety to depression etc. We also deal with sexual abuse, anger and deal intentionally with men's issues with a group of men meeting monthly, loosely called 'A Few Good Men'.

Contact can now be made on 0487 698 201 during office hours (Graeme)



We hope that you will be able to access other useful information that you require and that these pages will be easily navigated. If for some reason you find this site difficult at any point, please let us know via the return e-mail address. It would be most helpful for us to know.
If for some reason you are unable to source the information you require, please let us know and we will try to source it for you.

If you have problems that are making your life difficult and you feel stuck or unsure of your direction, please call the Mt Evelyn booking number above for help. Many of the issues we cover are listed under Counselling Issues and we have most of those linked to helpful websites for definitions.


"To all who work on and designed the Focal Point web site and especially the Valley Care Counselling pages:
A job well done!
I found the links to counselling issues very informative and a helpful tool.
May God bless you all!
Anneline Elliot"


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