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'Mail' Newspaper Articles

• May: A Great Mum the Best Blessing
• June: Reconciliation and Moving On
• July: Winter of Discontent
• September: Being 'Compassionate' Is Not Always Easy
November: Promises Promises

February: Where is God when it hurts?
May: Thank God for Good Mothers
July: The Freedom of Forgiveness

February: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
May: Accepting Our Lot in Life – Karma or Calmer?
July: Father Hunger is Worse
September: Forgotten Virtues
November: It's Never the Right Time

February: Responding to the Trauma
April: Depression in Men
June: The Blame Game
September: Marriage Week in Australia
December - When Did Christmas Start Anyway?
December - What Messages Are We Sending to Our Kids

February: The Image Makers
April: The Mechanics of Reconciliation
July: They Are Just Doing What We Do
September: Parents on Trial
November: Our Children Need Roots

March: Initiation to Manhood
June: The Fourth Man
August: Election Promises to Fit Values
November: Life: Punting or Planning

March: Dads - Don't Drop the Baton
April: The Cross - Where do we stand?
May: Reconciliation is a Challenge
June: National Day of Thanksgiving Breakfast
August: Relationships in Danger of Sinking
November: Schools Welcome Chaplaincy Support
December: Christmas Questions

January: The Tsunami: What can we do?
February: Coping with Change
March: The Rising of the Son
April: Face up to the abuse
May: Reconciliation - The Next Step
June: NAIDOC Week- Action Packed
August: Invitations to Responsibility
September: The Freedom of Forgiveness
October: Terrorism: Misguided Belief

January: Changes for relationship success
February: Sending Mixed Messages
March: Passions High over 'The Passion'
April: Thank You Volunteers
May: Reconciliation: Is it working?
June: Domestic Violence Must be Stopped
August: ‘Trump’ card in wrong hands
September: Every Day Olympians
October: Abusing the Innocents
November: Oh My God - Oh My God
December: The Baby Grows Up

January: War or Peace?
February: Follow the Leader
March: What drives Your Life?
April: Searching for the Purpose of Easter
May: School Chaplaincy Update
June: Mind, Body and Spirit
July: NAIDOC Celebrations Born of Mourning
August: Anger: Unasked Questions
September: Disappointed with God
October: Good Neighbours
November: They'll Marry in the Morning
December: The Getting of Wisdom

January: Where Should we Place our Trust?
February: A Balancing Act
March: Depression
April: No Plans for Marriage
May: To Expose or to Hide?
June: The Language of Love
July: Good Relationships = Reconciliation
August: School Chaplains for Family Support
September: Positive Image Bearers
October: Young Men - New Accessories
November: Looking for a Safe Anchor
December: Christmas in the Real World
Special: Australia Day - A Personal Reflection

January: New Years' Resolutions
February: On the Beach
March: Sir Donald: Great Man - Great Principles
April: Easter - A Gateway
May: From Biscuits to Broccoli
June: The Freedom of Forgiveness
July: Now We Can Be Sad As Well
August: How to Become a Hero
September: Spectators and Participators
October: A Pearl Discovered
November: Jesus - Son of God
December: Christmas Gifts

January: Who is the Greatest?
February: Unsung Heroes Do Count
March: A Solution to Unmet Expectations
April: Easter - A Paradox
May: Searching for the Calm
June: "Satan made me do it??"
July: Alcohol Olympics
August: Sex in the city
September: Your Choice?
October: Nobody's a Nobody
November: Barrier 13... Could it be so unlucky?
December: Christmas break-ups

February: Bold new initiative by local churches
March: Easter '99: 3000 free sausages / Easter reflections: Jesus' death - was it a waste?
April: An Interview with Rev Walters
May: Stunt bike rider to Pastor / Unforgiven
June: Link with LinC
July: Secondary College chaplain was a "cow girl"
August: Church Leaders not out of touch!
September: 'New Age' and inner peace
October: Don't be a bunny - get off the train!
November: We will remember the sacrifices made
December: A simple birth, but a lasting message


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