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Focal Point 

'New Age' and inner peace

Every week over a million people read Woman's Day and New Idea. Both magazines devote up to seven pages to astrology, spell casting, palmistry, Feng Shui and tarot cards. Each year Melbourne hosts one of the biggest international mind, body and spirit festivals. New Age literature tops the bookseller's lists.
New Age seekers explore the world via the 'Net' and, interestingly, don't ask if their discoveries are true, as much as "does it work", and "does it work for me?"

Is this a new phenomenon? 

No. People have sought the meaning of life for thousands of years through astrology, tarot card reading and clairvoyancy is recorded in the 13th century. From earliest times, tribal animalism, witchcraft and satanic practises fed and drove the desire to connect with deity and thus derive significance, The search for spiritual wellbeing has always been with mankind.
Many in our valley are on that search for the allusive inner peace. The reverend Harold Taylor, a church leader in our valley and a director of 'The Community of Hope' says that many seekers think Jesus is an important teacher and are open to find out more about Him. Sadly, the church has not always shows the way to Jesus.
If you are a seeker of spiritual wellbeing, we believe it is found in the Bible. Dig it out and read the first chapter of the New Testament book of Hebrews and the first chapter of St John's gospel and you will be 'blown away' by the magnitude and magnificence of Jesus and His claims.
If you're hooked, then read all of St John's gospel, remembering that "if you seek you shall find". The intent of the church leaders participating in this column is to, as far as possible, tear down the institutional walls and reveal the centre of their faith - Jesus.
To chat about your search, or about Jesus and His claims, ring or write to me. 
Graeme Dawson Focal Point Manager 0409 517273 


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