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Focal Point 

We will remember the sacrifices made

Watching the Armistice Day Remembrance Service on television and observing the faces, I tried to imagine just what each one was remembering.
The old nurse ... maybe a young soldier she nursed in the war; she really knew of his dire state yet he was so traumatised he was oblivious to it.
The old digger in his wheelchair ... maybe a good young mate from his home town in the bush killed in front of his eyes by machine gun fire.
The Vietnam vet ... maybe the pulsing throb of the helicopter  gun ships bringing wounded back to the medical station - the charred, blinded and limbless.
The little child with a flag ... maybe his only memories, a photo of his great granddad in a strange uniform.
Next Sunday about 600 people from our valley will gather to remember Jesus who also died a cruel death. The significant difference here is that death did not have hold over him. He was the Son of God. He rose again.
The Bible tells us that he stands today at God's right hand interceding for his people. Through the Holy Spirit who can empower us, He can hold the hand of the old nurse, and the wheelchair-bound digger. He accepts the challenge to be there for the sometimes forgotten Vietnam veteran. He says I saw you in 'Nam, I know your pain - you are special. And He loves the little children yet unscarred by life's battles.
Bible quote for the week: Isaiah 61: "God has empowered Jesus to bind up the broken hearted. He can turn our mourning into gladness and clothe us with joy instead of despair."
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