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Focal Point 

Secondary college chaplain was a "cow girl"

Kim Twigg-Ho has been Chaplain at the Upper Yarra Secondary College for two years.

Graeme: Cow Girl?

 Well I grew up on a dairy farm and milked cows during my primary school days..yes, so I was a "cow girl".

Graeme: Did you ever think you would be Chaplain in those days? like some boys and the tram driver thing.

 No, but my parents were always very supportive of me following my dreams. I went to Corowa High School after we moved in the 80s and then on to uni to study four years of psychology.

Graeme: Kim, you're a "Christian" Chaplain, what does being a "Christian" mean to you?

 My Christian faith is a live, practical, directional, whole of life thing. In my thinking and experience, all of my turning points in life are directed by God's principles i.e. my first commitment to let God into my life, my direction at Uni, my marriage to my husband Gary and relevant to this interview, acceptance of the position as Chaplain at the U.Y.S.C.

Graeme: Kim, I believe you have had some work experience prior to Uni?

 Yes I did, I worked at the Uncle Toby factory at Wahgunyah Vic.

Graeme: How important was that?

 I think it's vital that students gain some experience of the outside world. You can learn something of the work ethic and gain vital social skills.

Graeme: What were you working at just prior to coming to our Valley?

 I was a drug and alcohol counsellor while I was training as a psychologist. I had applied to become a Chaplain and had waited two years until this position came up.

Graeme: Who pays for your support?

 The College pays 1/3, the churches a 1/3 and the Chaplaincy Committee a 1/3.

Graeme: How many on the Chaplaincy Committee?

 Seven including myself at present, but we are looking to get a rep from each church, oh, and the C.C.E.S covers admin. costs such as Work Cover and Super.

Graeme: What is your role at U.Y.S.C?

 Well, I try to be a support person who is available to students as required. My structured time is divided between counselling, small groups, "Quit" smoking sessions and assistance at camps.

Graeme: What's on the horizon?

 I'm studying for a Dip.Ed. and hoping to start 'Value' classes, at the College, or something similar.

Graeme: Kim, I'm sure God will bless your ministry among our Valley students. Thank you for being available to take on such a vital role.

Graeme Dawson Focal Point Manager 0409 517273 


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