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Focal Point 

A simple birth, but a lasting message

When does the Millennium end - December 31, 1999 or December 31, 2000?
If the latter, we get two more Christmases this century. Whatever the case for either, it is, give or take small calendar adjustments, approximately 2000 years since the birth of the one around whom our whole date structure revolves. It is amazing to think that one of such simple birth could be the hinge point between BC and AD.
However, this is the time of the year to remember and acknowledge the birth of the one known as the 'Christ', the 'Messiah', the 'Saviour of the world'. 
The difficulties man have are in the taking of the baby out of the 2000 year old cradle and recognising the Bible's real Jesus. The Bible describes Him as the 'exact representation' of his Father, God, and the Creator and the sustainer of all things'.
Just recently a book has been published entitled 'Joshua'. This book attempts to strip Jesus of the supposed 'myths' that have grown around Him over the centuries. Sure the name of 'Jesus' is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word 'Joshua', but the mystery of the power as Son of God will always be unfathomable by our fist-sized minds. Joshua or Jesus, December 31, 1999 or December 31, 2000, to my mind too many lives have been challenged, guided, sustained and given peace and renewal, that to even contemplate the notion that Jesus was just a good man boggles my mind.
The Psalmist captures my thoughts when he says, 'when I consider the stars and the moon above, what is man and woman that God should care for them' - but He did, - that's the message of Christmas.
Maybe you could site and watch the stars this Christmas and think on these things. We will be asking God to bless you with a fresh understanding of the real Jesus Christ of Christmas. 

Graeme Dawson Focal Point Manager 0409 517273 


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