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Focal Point 

Church Leaders not out of touch!

"What would he or she know about the reality of life?"
"They've never done a solid day's work."
These are some of the criticisms thrown up about church ministers. Not true in this valley!
Included in "our" groups are former builders, landscape gardeners, policemen, stunt riders, school teachers, truck drivers, Telstra technos, private investigators and computer programmers. We even have the record holding longest serving councillor who was a former mayor. 
As Professor Sumner Miller used to ask... 

"Why is this so?"
Common to all of these 'formers' has been a sense of God 'leaning' on their lives, calling and drawing them to a role of ministering to community needs from a Christian perspective.
Being in the place where God wants you and doing what He wants you to do is the most fulfilling thing in life. Finally, your shape peg finds the right shaped hole. All of these church leaders acknowledge that to answer the call to "be there" for God and their community doesn't mean that they come already equipped with an expert package of gifts. It takes times, work and study and not a lot of monetary reward to gain what sometimes is an experience gathering life journey.
Have a new look at a church leader you might know, and ask yourself... "Has God got a new direction for my life?"


A suggested prayer that could lead to new horizons...
"Lord God,
as I look around this, your beautifully created valley, and as I see the new buds of spring, I wonder what new buds could be nurtured to grow fruit on my tree? Lord give me the courage to change in ways that will enhance my relationship with you. Maybe one day, I too, can become productive for you." 
Graeme Dawson Focal Point Manager 0409 517273 


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