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May 2014

A Great Mum the Best Blessing

What a blessing it is to have a good mother. What do we mean by a blessing? I guess for most of us a blessing, or in most cases many blessings, will mean all that your mum has brought to your life – your support and nurture in your childhood, your school taxi driver, your home tutor when you got behind at school, the one who encouraged you when the world seemed against you and the one who tended to your headaches, sore thumbs, skinned knees and your teenage heart aches.

I had one of the best yet I know there are many 'bests'. If there was an MVM (Most Valuable Mum) competition, the entries would be countless.

I wonder where your mum will be this year - maybe she lives far away overseas and a phone call or Skype will be the limit of your scope of contact. Of course some 'Interflora' flowers could wing their way too. A friend of mine has a mother in hospital at the moment - she might get out for Mother's Day but then again she might still be stuck in there. Sadly some are estranged from their mothers and sadly too it will be for others whose mums have died, yet they might visit the grave. Other mums are still here but lost with dementia.

However we remember and honor our mums this Mother's Day most of us will do it with pride and diligence.

I heard a mum on radio last week saying that she would fight to keep her elderly mum alive in hospital against other advice to let her go - she said emphatically "She's my mum and I want her to be with me as long as I can keep her."

Maybe this Mother's Day you can do that little extra - after all, your mum probably went that extra bit for you many times. Just something special to say 'I love you' and 'You mean a lot to me'. Maybe you could even think of visiting a mum who has no one to visit her and try to cheer her day. Maybe you could ring someone you know who has recently lost their mum and offer some words of consolation.

Someone once said, "God's greatest gift to us for doing life is our mother."

Thank God for mothers, yours and others past and present.

Graeme Dawson B.Min. Grad.Dip.CC.
Co-ordinator Focal Point & "A Few Good Men"
0487 698201


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