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For publishing July 22nd 2014

The Winter of Discontent

When we experience dark wet days, long nights, flues, colds, and not enough daylight after work, we say, "That is enough to depress anyone". True, and all of these experiences can add up to mild depression. Counselors call it situational depression, which in essence is what humans go through, as life. The most common to all of us though, are losses; through death, loss of relationships and dreams, to name just a few big ones. The effect of these is seen in the way we grieve; some of them have an end date but others linger.
So how do we handle these dark times; pills, alcohol, denial, days off work, hibernation, or comfort food by the fire? All of these can help, but I suggest that we might look at this WINTER of DISCONTENT, as a time for reflection and a time to do something constructive.
In our western world mindset, we have difficulty with waiting, silence and sitting in what we can't seem to fix - otherwise called 'the mess' or 'unresolve'. I wonder what it would look like if we could see being laid aside from the main stream of life, due to these experiences, as an opportunity to think about the direction of our lives, and think a little deeper about the bigger issues. Sometimes the rhythms of our lives get out of sync, but most times they come and go like the seasons. We may also see these seasons as linear - progressive stages of life that we move through.
Our weather seasons move in rotation - they follow each other in an order that is necessary for the life cycle. Without the autumn shedding of leaves, the new growth of spring can't come. That growth needs spring rain, and we need summer to kill off winter germs and bring the sunlight and long days to sustain the new growth and fruit. Winter of course is a time of fallow - a time of rest - a time of preparation. Maybe we could learn from the way the seasons work. Then we might see THE WINTER of DISCONTENT as a time to rest and reflect and from which we can draw something constructive. After all, our creator emphasized the need for us to rest at least one day a week - He made us, so he knows what works best.

Graeme Dawson B.Min. Grad.Dip.CC.
Co-ordinator Focal Point & 'A Few Good Men'


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