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Christmas Questions 

What sort of Christmas will I be having?
Will the family be getting together?
Can I afford Christmas?
Am I sick of all the razzmatazz that goes with Christmas? 
Do I fear disappointment as a result of it?
I’ve put these questions up because they are typical of what we ask in our minds in the run up to Christmas. For many of us, somewhere in our background or childhood are the memories of good times of fun and innocence in families together. We think of Christmas trees, presents, turkeys, and if you’re as old as I am, sixpencees hidden in the plum pudding. It was so exciting to unexpectedly bite on one. I wonder how many slipped down the throat by mistake. However, for many, Christmas doesn’t hold those fond memories and there are few good times to look back on. Many children just existed in some families and even had to, or have to, contend with memories of abuse. It seems to me that the real message of Christmas is more applicable today than ever. The story of God wanting to come into a loving relationship with his people and sending his Son to earth to achieve it is good news. We know that Son came as a baby and had to grow up first in order to do what he was sent for. What a great plan - grow up with the people, feel their pain, enjoy their enjoyment and know just what it would mean to be there for them. The prophet Isaiah predicted these events seven hundred years before Jesus was born and predicted the exact words that Jesus would speak when he reached thirty. “I have come to heal the brokenhearted, set people free from that which holds them captive and to be the comforter of all who mourn”. How well suited is this Jesus to meet the needs of the brokenhearted who have not only lost their innocence, but have lost hope for the future as well. If you are one of the latter, allow Jesus, the greatest gift at Christmas of all, to comfort you. If you are the lucky/blessed ones, hold onto the beautiful memories and look forward to another great Christmas, but try to share the joy with others.

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