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Focal Point (for publishing-11/04/06)
Inter-church Comment

The Cross - Where do we stand?

The catalyst for this article came from a recent visit to my doctor. I was signing off with the receptionist when I realized I had left my glasses in the car. When I asked where I should sign, she replied, 'Near the Cross'. I said, what good place to be, thinking of the Cross of Christ. As I walked away, I started to think that the real meaning of Easter is all wrapped up in the Cross. Of course the actual Cross that Jesus was crucified on has long gone, but today we still see many crosses that at attempt to symbolize the original. However the gold and silver crosses worn as jewelry and the copper and stainless steel crosses on the top of churches are a far cry from the rough hewn wooden cross on the original hill of Calvary. Hymn writers of the past like Ira D Sankey and R E Hudson wrote of the metaphorical cross being the place where burdens could be laid down, refuge could be sought and where shelter was available from the storms of life. Sankey and another writer Miller wrote of it as a place where they first encountered 'The Light', a ladder to Heaven and a watchtower guarding the Eternal grave. However if we understand the Cross of Jesus to be the place, where through His death, new life began for us, we see it in a whole new light. The important thing for me is that it was a place of compassion and forgiveness, and a place that became a doorway for me to enter into a meaningful relationship with Jesus. It is the place, which in effect becomes the datum point for my spiritual GPS. Without the Cross there would have been no death, without the death there would have been no resurrection and without the resurrection there would have been no ability for Christ to live out and fulfil His promises to those He died for. Promises like; I will never leave you or forsake you, I will provide an Eternal home for you, I will guard your life and I will guide your life via the Spirit I will implant in you. Let me suggest that his Easter you try to reflect a little deeper than the Easter eggs and the bunny. 

If you would like to make contact and talk further about the real meaning of Easter, ring me on 0409 517273
Graeme Dawson Co-ordinator Focal Point 


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