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Focal Point (for publishing-15/03/05)
Inter-church Comment

The Rising of the Son

It's Easter next week with Good Friday on the 25th and exactly one month later on the 25th again, it will be ANZAC Day. I couldn't help think of some of the other commonalties that exist between the two. The Anzac's slouch hat is badged with the Rising Sun, a symbol of the freedom of a new day to be fought for, while at Easter, the Rising of the 'Son' on the third day after His death symbolizes new life and an opportunity to have a relationship with God. It is important to take up the offer of new life that Jesus won at the first Easter as well as important for all Aussies since the Gallipoli to take up and embrace the freedom they won for us. On a recent visit to the new POW Wall of Remembrance in Ballarat, I noticed the well know verse, 'Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends'. This verse is an exact lift from the Christian Scripture, (St John 15: 9). The Anzac's sacrifice was not in vain just as Jesus' sacrifice not in vain. His love took Him to a death on a Roman cross in order to bring new life to millions. New life you might say, what's wrong with my old one? Well if we look into the Christian Scriptures, and if we're honest, into our own hearts, we would see that without God's light, that illuminates that new life of freedom, we would be walking in the darkness of un-enlightenment and would use that darkness to hide our sinful state. Sin is often thought of as a religious term, but the Macquarie defines it as, 'A serious transgression or offence', 'an act of violation', as it is also, 'a transgression of divine law'. Our diggers fought tooth and nail for their mates and freedom, even to their own detriment and death. Maybe this can give us just some insight into why Jesus, 'The Greatest Mate', went to such lengths to save 'His mates', the mates who were and are still pinned down by the enemy. He came to set the prisoner free, give sight to the spiritually blind and heal the emotionally wounded. So this Easter try to think a little deeper than the Easter eggs. Consider what prison we have been, or need to be freed from, what healing still needs to occur in our inner lives and what new insight do we need through and by the power of the Resurrection of Jesus. After all He did rise from the dead on the third day and He currently advocates daily for His followers.

If you would like to talk to me about some of the issues raised or find out where you can go to a Church at Easter, give me a ring.
Graeme Dawson Co-ordinator Focal Point 
0409 517273 oldstdav@alphalink.com.au  www.focalpoint.org.au  


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