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Focal Point (for publishing-07/09/04)
Inter-church Comment

Every Day Olympians 

What a wonderful time we've had over the last few weeks even though we had a lack of sleep. What great performances across the board and my vote goes to Grant Hackett for sheer guts in the 1500 swim. I reflected on the raw emotion involved, especially for little Chantelle Newbury winning her gold medal - not bad for a young mum and wife. Then there was the disappointment for Andrew Hoy in the equestrian cross-country, ruling him and the Australian team out of medal contention. And then to the emotional support for his German born wife over her gold medal reversal. How then could some even think of Beijing? I've never given birth to a baby but I think it must be something like that. Women say, 'that's the last time'. Yet there they are next year or the year after doing it again. Then I thought of the ordinary people doing extraordinary tasks every day. What about the young single mum with three or four kids doing her juggling act - what a balance of caring, teaching, supporting and emotional outlay. I think that's worth at least a gold or silver. What about the young person battling a weight problem, dealing with the jibes of his/her less considerate peers, trying to put together an education while working part time and trying to buy a car. That's gold for sure. Then we look to our local dais. No, it's not the rowers and there's more than eight. Heh, they're wearing the colors of our CFA & SES. They deserve gold for sure and a golden wattle wreath. Of course we should not forget the support teams, the coaches, the physios and the mentors. Peter Brock, one of our team mentors spoke about those much-needed words of encouragement to young athletes. We've got local coaches and mentors too. They are our sports coaches, maternal & child health sisters, doctors and counsellors and maybe even the local butcher with his listening ear or the chemist with his or her valuable advice. Then I'm reminded of the analogies in the Christian Bible about running the good race to receive the prize and having our eyes set on the goal - not being distracted by other runners etc. I guess we might need to think about what that goal is and what the prize is. One Bible writer spoke about that prize being, 'out of this world'. Contact us to find out how you can get a copy of 'The Prize' New Testament with stories of modern day athletes working towards that ultimate prize. (First 20 free)

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