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'Mail' Newspaper Articles

Focal Point for publishing-03/08/04

'Trump' card in wrong hands 

Just when we thought we were safe from another 'reality' TV show, along comes The Apprentice with Donald Trump. His pomposity, arrogance, rudeness and outright disregard for human dignity cries in the face of how we all would like to be treated in life. We need to speak out against the message of the show, which is so unhelpful for our society and its function. Questions need to be asked like, does a person's wealth give them the right to degrade others? Should they use their wealth to gain and maintain power? And, can the 'apprentice's' climb to the top of the pile at the expense of their human footholds along the way be justified? Mr. Trump should not carry our indignation alone, as many others are contributing with him to promote this ruthless way of life. No, dark forests and guerilla strongholds are not the exclusive domain of headhunters. A show like The Apprentice, of course, only survives because of its ratings, which causes us to ask, why do people watch it? Among my earlier questions, the first is linked with the second. No, wealth does not give that right, but carries with it a great duty of care and responsibility. Wealth alone is not the problem, it is how the wealth is gained and how the wealthy use that power that can raise questions. If we were to model our lives on Jesus the Christ, these issues would be seen in a different light. Jesus said, "To whom more is given, more is expected". He also said, "If anyone asks you to go a distance with them, go twice that distance". And if you have two of something and someone asks you for one, give it to them". I wonder how our economy would work if we adopted the ancient biblical law of not charging interest on a loan and forgiving a debt that was older than seven years. Jesus also taught that forgiveness received brings with it a responsibility to forgive also. He spoke harshly against a man who had been forgiven $20000-00 and immediately went out and punished someone who owed him $20-00. It appears we teach that bullying is wrong in our primary schools, then teach the opposite in a show like this. For that matter, I wonder how many children are still up watching at this show's timeslot. And where is the respect for the dignity of life when we climb all over people who we perceive to be in the way of the object of our greed. We would do well to think some more on what Jesus taught about societal best practice. After all he thought the whole idea up. 

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Graeme Dawson 
Co-ordinator Focal Point
0409 517273


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