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Focal Point for publishing-20/04/04

Thank You Volunteers 

I've been working on my image lately with a little 'Goop' in my thinning hair, but I've noticed that over recent months I've been getting on people's cases and sounding like the old stereotypical ----. (But I still attract plenty of high fives at Worawa College) So I thought it time to hand out bouquets. They go to the many volunteers who make our community tick. They are from the CFA, SES, St Johns ambos, most footy officials, local radio presenters, parent helpers at our schools, CRE teachers, op-shop and community house workers. LinC drivers, food distributors, Benwerren's respite care house workers and hundreds of volunteers at local schools and churches. WOW!!! That's a mouthful and I'm sure you're saying, "But what about this one or that one". Why not 
e-mail me with your list of my unmentioned volunteers so that together we might get a comprehensive list published as an encouragement when we start to think our community is falling apart. From our Combined Church point of view, we really value all who act in this unselfish way. Only the other week I was in one of our Churches and experienced for the first time in my life, a foot washing ceremony. The Pastor asked me if he could serve me in this symbolic way just as Jesus modelled and instructed us to do. I must admit it drove me back to the Bible to check it out and there it was. Somehow we have carried on the instruction to take the bread & the wine, but have not carried forward the footwashing. Of course in Jesus' day feet were exposed to the dust of the road and the servant normally washed the feet of the guests as a mark of the host's hospitality, but in this story Jesus washed the feet of them all. Going a little further, I read about two who were jockeying for position in God's Kingdom and Jesus said to them, "Whoever wants to be the greatest in my Kingdom, must be the servant of all." So our volunteer and servant mentality is something we should hold high in our community. With this in mind, St James & St Pauls Anglican Churches and the Millgrove Baptist Church held services recently where they invited the CFA & SES etc to come and be officially thanked. As well as this the Combined Churches held a Prayer Vigil on Good Friday night outside the St Pauls Seville and a considerable amount of time was spent thanking God for our community servants and praying for their protection while carrying out what sometimes is dangerous work.
If you'd like to comment, or send me more volunteer categories, e-mail me from our website, www.focalpoint.org.au or direct at oldstdav@alphalink.com.au 

Graeme Dawson 
Co-ordinator Focal Point
0409 517273


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