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Focal Point - for publishing-09/09/03

Disappointment with God

Some years ago my youngest daughter told me of her disappointment with God as a result of having prayed for the pictures on one wall of her bedroom to move to the other wall. They did not move. Silly prayer you might say, yet in some sense she was praying in line with information she had gleaned about prayer. On the other hand, as the song line goes, 'Be careful what you pray for'. A group of farmers in northeast Victoria, going through the drought of 1982, agreed to step out in simple faith and pray that the drought would break. Although they had agreed as to how they would pray, their spokesman added to the prayer, "and don't let it stop raining until Eildon is full". Guess what. Eildon filled and the spillway ran for the first time in many years. Most of us have a 'grid' through which we process our thoughts regarding prayer and our attitude to God. Unfortunately some grids have been formed like our sex education was formed, from the toilet walls. Because of a poorly formed grid, some people are very angry with God. Angry that He has let certain things happen to them, and angry that He didn't stop certain things happening to them, eg. "Why did God allow this thing to happen to me?" Anger is often the result of fear, both of the past and the future. So why not hang it on God. If we have a 'Santa Claus' picture of God then we will always be looking for goodies. If we have a 'Superman' picture of God we will always be expecting Him to swoop in and rescue us. These unmet, and often unreal expectations, cause pain and confusion and anger against God. But this does not bring healing. Healing comes with a new understanding, a changed worldview and a changed or corrected perspective of the true nature of God. What can we expect from God? We expect our lemon trees to produce lemons, so we should expect God to produce the fruits of His Spirit that He talks about in His 'Gardening Book' (the Bible). It tells us that three important fruits are LOVE, JOY and PEACE. And He also encourages you with His promises to bind up the broken-hearted, to comfort all who mourn and to set people free from the things that hold them captive. Maybe we would be helped if we gained a better insight as to who this God really is and what He actually said. Ring me at Valley Care Counselling Service for a listening ear on 0409 517273.

Graeme Dawson
Combined Church Leader's Co-ordinator & Counsellor & Manager of Valley Care


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