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Focal Point for publishing-09/12/03

The Getting of Wisdom

It's Christmas time and the carols have started, the nativity scenes are up, city windows are resplendent and we're rushing around getting last minute things done.
In most nativity scenes are the three wise men that brought gifts to the baby Jesus. Somebody remarked, 'wouldn't things have been different is there had been three wise women. They would have had the right directions in the first place, they wouldn't have been late, they would have set about cleaning the stable, assisting with the birth and would have brought practical gifts'. Meanwhile, back with the wise 'men'. Were they wise for seeking out Jesus, or did they seek out Jesus because they were wise? I'm sure their seeking out of Jesus and who He was, was one of the wisest things that they could ever do. In order to assist our 'getting of wisdom', the words of some of our carols give us a clue. In 'Joy to the World', the earth and every heart is asked to make room for the King (Jesus). In 'O Come all Ye Faithful', we are told He is the King of Angels. 'What Child is This' predicts the nails and spear that would pierce Him on the cross when He was to grow into the fullness of the Christ. I think the 'wise men', and the carol writers were on to something big. Something bigger than a baby. I wonder if we've wised up to who Jesus really is or will we sing the carols again this year with our minds out of gear and hearts indulging in a long held childlike tradition. Many people I meet have no idea of who they are when I ask them to answer the question, who am I? The question is answered in who we were created to be by God. The Christian Bible tells us that Jesus and the Holy Spirit were there at the creation of the world deciding what we would look like and grow to be, designing our DNA map. However what our lives turn out to be is also dependant on the influences we choose to allow to mould us during our lives. If we choose the moulding of Jesus the Christ, the Saviour, the peace bringer, we will reach our created potential. And given that He has brought us the Gift of Life, as seen in the words of 'O Little Town of Bethlehem', then shouldn't we fall on our knees as suggested in 'O Holy Night' this Christmas and worship Him in this new knowledge of who He is and who we are? The Combined Churches are asking God to bless you this Christmas with peace and this new understanding and they ask you to take care on the roads as you travel.

Graeme Dawson 
0409 517273 www.focalpoint.org.au


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