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Focal Point - for publishing-08/04/03

Searching for the Purpose of Easter

Last month I wrote on searching for a purpose in life. We noted many things that people use to find purpose in their lives are really quite negative and they take away from a complete and satisfying life. Some feedback I received suggested that love was a legitimate driving purpose. It certainly is, but some 'loves' that drive our lives can be very unhealthy. An old country singing star, being interviewed on the ABC said, 'every good song had to have at least one four major elements. Sex, booze, crime and war.' The interviewer asked, 'what about love, isn't that a constant element'? The country singer replied, 'love is just a subset of any of the four'. This sort of thinking puts love at a depraved level. Human love is what is currently driving the human shields in Iraq and this love drives good people every day in our society to provide for and support their fellow beings. However human love plus God's love drove the likes of Mother Teresa, Bishop Tutu and others as they strove to bring about a better world. When I think of love at a higher level again, I think of love in the context of its Easter expression. Here is the love of a God, who having created a people in His own image, finds His precious creation turning their backs on Him. However He goes further and puts in to play a plan to redeem or buy back his people, which entails the substitutional death of His wonderful Son Jesus. Think of the further pain for this Father, in that some still reject Him and His Son. Imagine if to end the war in Iraq, and to put a stop to all the pain and bloodshed, the West, or any side for that matter, was to offer to send as a sacrifice, one of its favorite sons. The deal was done, the son offered, but the war continued. Would that death have been in vain? Yes on the one hand, but the vicarious nature of the offer to sacrifice in such an expression of love would be indelibly etched in our minds and history books. When God offered Jesus at the first Easter, He wanted to bring about reconciliation, the nature and result of which would set His creation free. If these people understood fully the nature of that freedom which would allow them to reach their fully created potential, and the Grace offered, there would be no wars. We would all belong to the family of the 'redeemed' and our love for each other would be obvious. That's the potential of a properly understood Easter. May you enjoy your break, but allow enough time to reflect on these things and start by loving someone close. 
If you would like to speak to someone about how to connect to this love, or how to explore God's purpose for your life, give me a ring on 0409 517273.

Graeme Dawson 
0409 517273

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