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Focal Point (For publishing 11/09/02)


The daily diet, for most of us, along with our Weeties, often contains large doses of negative messages. Many people I see in the counselling room have more than their share of negative things happening around them. On a positive note the ABC ran a segment of talkback last week concentrating solely on good news marriage stories. The presenter rightly said, there are more people in working marriages than broken ones. On Father's Day I listened to a sermon by a young father who spoke of the excitement of being involved in the care of a new life. As he held his newborn son, he was challenged to ask, who are you? & Who am I to you? When he thought about the awesome responsibility he now had he knew he could not do the job properly without the special insight he could gain from his God, and the vital help from his broader family and his community. He knew he would need wisdom far greater than his own to enable his child to reach his full potential. He thought that some fathers were often sold short by giving them power-tools and car 'mags' for Father's Day, while they might just appreciate parenting help books or special times with their kids. If we are looking for positive messages and searching for the 'God Factor' and an empowering for effective parenting, we should be able to find it in the community of people called 'The Church'. They are a group of people who know that they are loved by God and are excited to share that with others. This community should be a place where the unloved are loved, the broken hearted are helped on the road to recovery and where the poor will be given sustenance. This should be where positive reinforcement reaches its zenith and where the value of the individual is seen though the eyes of Jesus. The bible says that each person carries the stamp of the image of God. When we accept the love and forgiveness Jesus offers, we are empowered to become effective image bearers for others. To carry that image, after all, is to carry a positive message. 

Graeme Dawson.
Focal Point
0409 517273


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