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Focal Point (For publishing 14/05/02)


'Big brother' is seeping into our lives again. It's in our face. The 'stars' fill billboards, newspapers, talk-back radio and TV chat shows. We are expected to think that this is real TV and that the participants are the poor unsuspecting subjects of an unknown script. No, these guys are into exposure in a big way. In Real life most of us choose very carefully what we expose of ourselves. We have limits and masks behind which we hide. Even Sarah Jessica Parker in her no-holds-barred sex show, has a no nude clause in her contract. When we choose our level of our exposure we also like to choose the image we portray. We will only expose more of our real selves when we think we can trust those with whom we are communicating. We portray a personage but not necessarily our person. Many of us have trouble differentiating between the Person and the Personage, both when we send and when we receive. I'm being helped on this subject in my bed-time reading by the author, Paul Tournier, in his book, 'The Meaning of Persons', who claims we readily give and receive the personage or (persona), but rarely the person (the real self). Without relationship we can't really tell if the carefully crafted and marketed TV personality is the real person. Relationships that are built on a personage to personage basis and not on a person to person basis can't develop depth. A way forward in all this is to ask the two big life questions; 1/ Who am I? and 2/ Who are these people around me? A further way forward is to have an understanding of how God sees us. We can relax in the fact that this Creator God knows me to my innermost depths and accepts me anyway. He sees through the masks of our pain, the painted on smile to cover our sadness and He knows our real needs before we get a chance to utter them verbally. He invites us into a relationship with Him, the closeness of which will reflect His love through our inner being and will bring peace and security to ourselves and those around us and as a consequence we will not be afraid to 'Expose' ourselves.


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