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FOCAL POINT Article for Publishing 13/11/01


The ABC recently screened a BBC production with this provocative title. While some search and struggle for truth, Christians in church services every week sing, 'Jesus, what a beautiful name' and 'Jesus my Saviour'. They worship in faith. At the same time, historians and archaeologists continue to uncover new evidence of the life and times of the historical Jesus. What makes this 'Jesus' so special? His name, especially the Spanish pronunciation, (Hesoos), although common in Middle-Eastern and Spanish speaking countries is now popping up in our kindergartens. The Christian's claim that their Jesus is the Son of God is built on many pillars. Over seven hundred years before Christ,(BC), prophets had predicted the year of His birth, the place, the nature of His life and death, His resurrection and His purpose for being here. They confirmed His relationship with the heavenlies and especially the relationship with His Father, the Creator God. First century contemporaries like Josephus, also mentioned Him in their historical records, but the 'Son of God' title does not mean Jesus does not understand the human situation. The scriptures also refer to Him as the 'Son of Man'. It was no accident that Jesus was born into times that would allow Him to identify with ordinary human struggles. Given Herod's bloody regime and the oppression of the Roman Empire, Jesus understands the pain of New York, Afghanistan, Ireland, and AIDS ridden Africa. To identify this Jesus more accurately we need to understand some of the other names given to Him. Those same Prophets referred to Him as 'The Messiah' (Hebrew), and 'The Christ' (Greek), meaning Savior of the world. Sadly human history shows us what happens when we try to save the world ourselves with the powerful at the helm. The world at large has not allowed God's Son to use Him as a channel through which He could work. Jesus' did not call people to war, nor to a more privileged life than others, nor to ignore the suffering of others. The prophet Isaiah, writing seven hundred years before Jesus was born said that He would 'bring good news to the poor, heal the broken-hearted, bring freedom, and bring joy and comfort instead of grief and sadness to those who mourn'. Maybe those of us who have previously written off the 'gentle Jesus' of the children's prayer, or the 'pathetic Jesus' in religious pictures, need to pay heed to the claims of this real 'Son of God'. His claims lead to a better world, a better local community and a personal connectedness that is life changing.

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