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FOCAL POINT (For publishing 8 /5/01)


First let me thank those readers who conveyed messages of love, care and best wishes during my hospitalization and convalescing and of course I'm grateful to God for my healing to date. One of the results of this whole process has been a change in my diet which gives my the lead in to today's article. I've had to get off sweets, sugars and fats etc. however I'm lucky I like broccoli, celery, grains and soy milk. It's funny how your taste buds change and adapt. If you put sugar in my coffee now, it tastes bitter. Question; Is the sugar now bitter or is it my taste buds that have changed? So what has that lot got to do with the things of God? Well I'm reading a novel at the moment by James A.Michener entitled " The Source," which is a half true version of the events in the Bible's Old Testament. Michener uses historical characters and events but places them in other time frames and situations. I find that annoying. I keep saying-he wasn't there or he didn't do that! However Michener did not set out to be as historically accurate as he was trying to novelize societal evolution based around an archeological dig. He proposes in his novel that each subsequent civilization embraces a new form of a former god. Eg. Baal to El, El to EL-Shaddia, El-Shaddai to Yahweh and so on. My understanding of the real historical account is that the Creator God who I am familiar with is by His very nature unchangable. The way generations and societies perceive and understand Him, is irrelevant to His being. The names He is given from time to time usually reflect a character aspect that particular generations appreciate most. (Eg. El-Shaddai = God -All Sufficient) Question- Has the God of this generation changed? Has He gone soft?, weak?, is He more punative?, has He gone A.W.O.L.? or put simply, has our taste changed? Maybe we could learn some more about just what of the character of God has not changed and use this knowledge to inform our value structure for today's society. They say a little knowledge is dangerous, but I say, whet your appetite. The Bible says " Taste and see that the Lord is good."



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