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Glowing tributes from Australian and world communities flowed in at the news of Sir Donald Bradman's death and our papers were dominated with stories of triumph and grief. Radio talk-back stations threw their lines open to receive the hundreds of accolades and condolences and not least the occasional sob. What marked this great man's life was the ability to do his best [which so happened to be the world's best] and yet remain balanced in his opinion of just who he really was. This characteristic was reflected in his attitude to the relationship of sport to money, fame to power, and a commonsense approach to just where his gifts lay. How many today, while good at a sport, comment on anything from cake baking to third world debt. Sir Donald Bradman , from an early age developed the ability to listen deeply, encourage tryers, and be faithful and consistent in his life's mission. Many young boys were inspired to just to be good at what they did and be proud of it. I don't know where Sir Don's faith lay, but what I do see in him is a model that could well be based on Jesus and his instructions for good living. This model breeds a good community where people are primarily valued for who they are rather than for what they achieve. Christians have always believed that in their God who values all as equal regardless of financial, racial or intellectual status. As great as Sir Donald was, however, he never presumed to be a God, however worried his son was of that possibility. While the 'Don's' favor was sought and received by many, Gods favor is bestowed on all as unmerited-its called GRACE-AMAZING GRACE. I'm glad I'm a recipient of that grace, that love and ETERNAL security on that unmerited basis. As we mourn the loss of one of this century's greatest I hope we can reflect on our relationship with Sir Donald's creator. 


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