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(For publishing 12/6) FOCAL POINT


In society today, the blame syndrome, where every "accident" seems to require someone to pay is a common event. Current affair TV portrays the grieving and wronged saying, "my life is over," " I'll never forgive", or "I'll be waiting to get even for ever,"etc. Assailants and murderers go to jail, get out in time and resume life. Victims and who can't come to grips with forgiveness, are likely to waste away in bitterness. Sure there is a time span for grieving which includes such emotions as anger. Statistics say that when a baby dies, especially in an accident, blame and anger run rife, grief runs deep and stays a long time. Resultant bitterness can kill love and couples break up. Grieving of the heart involves time often co-related to the magnitude of the loss. However, there comes a time to move on. To stay in the emotions of grief, especially the negative ones, can render us emotional cripples. The good news is that there is freedom from forgiveness, freedom to live again to love and be loved. Perpetrators and losses do enough damage, why let them reek havoc well past their time. Emotions of the heart are driven by the mind and one of Jesus' most famous disciples said, " let the mind of Christ be in you." A big call ,but he meant with God's help, adopt the thinking of Jesus. The freedom Jesus gives to those who accept and understand His forgiveness, and offer forgiveness to others, is life changing. He instills peace, love and hope for the future. The freedom Jesus offers is from the nature and effects of our sin ,ie., our wrong actions and attitude to God and others-whether we act from our own free choice, or whether we are perpetrators or victims. The song " Amazing Grace", sums up God's offer of forgiveness, and this is epitomized in Jesus on the cross, where He advocated for His murderers, saying, "Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing" 
Write or ring if you would like a counselor to help you move on to freedom via forgiveness, or just a helping hand to work through a loss you're grieving over.

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