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Last week I watched the TV mini-series, "On The Beach", starring Rachael Ward and Brian Brown. This remake of the 1959 movie with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner was corny, but chilling in it's portrayal of the end of life on our planet. The scenario of a nuclear catastrophe as portrayed seemed rather far from today's reality. However I'm old enough to have experienced the sickening feelings of facing a call to war in Vietnam and I remember the constant talk of annihilation during the cold war. Those times in the 60's produced the 'hippies' and 'flower power children' who focussed on opting out of a world bent on destruction. There is an "end time" truth in the Christian message that is the final act in God's plan to bring about renewed relationship with His creation and it's still to occur. For the Christian this will be a positive event, but for rejectors of Jesus the Christ it will be the end of all hope. 'On The Beach' showed people facing the end and acting in a variety of ways. Some tried to drown their senses with drink and sex , some chose suicide and others just stood in empty depression. Well, I have no insight into the timing of the actual end of Time for us, except for it's immanence, yet I see those same symptoms of hopelessness in our community. To attempt to understand Time as we know it is to attempt to understand the meaning of the word Eternity on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the Millenium celebrations. Time has deadlines but Eternity has no beginning and no end - it was there before Time began. The good news is that the Christian God, through Jesus, offers "eternity life' starting now, to all who respond to His offer of love, hope, relationship and security. This offer is a free gift, but wait! - there's much more than 'steak knives'! The Bible says that what grows in our hearts and lives as a result of receiving such a gift are virtues like: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I'd like to see that!, a valley full of citizens with those hallmarks who don't fear the end of Time - they are already friends with the KING of ETERNITY.


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