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FOCAL POINT ( for publishing 11/12/01)


It's that time again, and if you're anything like me, you'll need a bit more motivation to face all that Christmas brings. Given that the start to our summer has been the coldest for one hundred and fifty years, I'm finding it hard to get the decorations up. Regardless of all my problems, Christmas will come and if I'm not ready I'll be caught short. This time is meant to be one of giving and receiving, even if the receivers seem to outnumber the givers. Of course there are those who are forced to receive rather than give due to financial hardship. Not since the Great Depression have we seen such hardship and stress in our community. In thinking of the gifts that I need to procure, I am reminded of some of the more outlandish ones that people give. What about the gift from the separated father of a BMW for his 'darling' 'learner-driver' daughter, or the gift voucher to 'Tattoo Addiction', or the flight around Antarctica and so on. Why not give a simple gift this Christmas that might build or enhance our relationships. Why not find creative ways to do it without the high financial outlay. A special card or letter, hand picked flowers, a cup of coffee out with a special friend or a voucher or offer to mind the kids while a couple gets a night out. The churches participating in this column wish to bring you a Christmas message which is the same as their all-year-round message, seeing that Christ is at the centre of both. That is that the God who created each of us to have relationships, knocks gently on every heart's door inviting us to have the ultimate relationship with His Son, the 'grown-up' baby Jesus. What a gift--one of love, freedom, forgiveness, understanding, purpose and joy, and it's no good in the cupboard with the ribbon still around. And the cost? The account has been stamped paid and we will have an opportunity to think on that as we come up to next Easter. May God bless you with His peace, love and safety this Christmas. Graeme Dawson, for and on behalf of the following Church participants. 

Seventh day Adventists
Awakening 2000
Casa Pallotti
Churches of Christ
Christian & Missionary Alliance
River Valley Church
UYSC Chaplaincy
Community Crisis Chaplaincy
Valley Christian Fellowship 

Graeme Dawson 
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