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Your choice?

"All the lonely people" whom the Beatles sang about jam Melbourne's talk back radio every day. Loneliness has an insatiable appetite that many try to satisfy in different ways. Sadly, many of the lonely enter unsatisfactory relationships that often lead to a life that can be difficult to cope with. Hurts associated with failed relationships can lead to cynicism and a 'take what you can get' attitude.
A guest on ABC Radio said recently, "Friends are important, they stick with you; lovers come and go!" The promiscuous path that some take is often born out of selfishness. A new book out entitled "Honeymoon" has the main character having an affair on her honeymoon!
Accept as little responsibility in a relationship as possible, further your career, and indulge yourself! Real life tells us that rarely does one partner or another escape the pain and grief of rejection and loss with this throwaway mentality.
Real life also tells us that most singles will have to tough it out due to illness, the encumbrance of children, mental and physical disorders and as a result of former choices. However, it is possible to be alone and not lonely.
Two issues that need to be dealt with are:

1) Ethical and moral choices. Like it or not, choices have consequences and the ethical and moral ones take guts to implement but reap deep and satisfying results. The alternative path can be a minefield of unintended consequences.
2) Resourcefulness to cope. This can come from inner strength, family and community support and a practical faith in God. Faith in God can turn a life around. God's challenge is to be a one woman man and a one man woman; make the commitment - till death parts you!
The writer of 'A Girl's Guide to Life' in a Sunday magazine said, "And when all else fails, talk to God." Not bad coming from a non-Christian! She also said, "Believe it or not, conversing with the Omnipotent will actually do a lot to make you feel better."
Yes, for many struggling singles, God is their constant source of strength, love, friendship and guidance. You may not have chosen to be single and alone, but you can choose what you do about it.

Graeme Dawson Focal Point Manager 0409 517273 


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