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Barrier 13... could it be so unlucky?

I had to laugh when I heard the moans and groans go up when the barrier 13 horse was drawn in the cup. Yes, I know it's hard to get into a race winning position from that so called unlucky draw, but what about the horse drawn at 24?
Anything can happen in the 3,200 mentre Melbourne Cup...pre-race fitness, race day moods and a dead track all have their influence. I hope you didn't lose your hard earned cash on the Cup! Lucky and unlucky are two words that seem to have a lot riding on them, especially in races. But there are those who believe you make your own luck.
In watching the magnificent paralympians last month I wondered if they thought in terms of luck. I'm inclined to think not. To my mind it's all hard work, guts and a striving against the odds to do the best possible. I believe that if a horse is good enough and draws barrier 13, it can still win. Horses or paralympians, they all start from somewhere, they are nurtured and trained to win.
The Bible speaks of the Christian life being like a race. There is a starting line, a finishing line, there is striving-right gear to be equipped with and a prize to look forward to. That prize is not money, Jesus said that can be an hindrance in the race. Jesus also taught that the race and the winning post are for the individual's journey, it's not competitive against our peers.
John Landy epitomised that 'Christian' attitude when he stopped to help a fallen mate during a race and went on to win. Luck didn't play a part in that win! If John Landy had been a horse and had drawn barrier 13, he would have won anyway.
Could you say, upon reflection, that you've actually crossed the starting line in the race the Bible talks about?

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