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A Solution to Unmet Expectations

These days I meet many people who are depressed, sad, disappointed and angry because something has gone wrong and their expectations have not been met.
Just last week I spoke to a lady who had lost a relationship and could not move on with her life. Her hopes and dreams had been dashed.
With unmet expectations, the scene is set for crashes, especially when we try to live out lives that are simply not ours.
It is not unusual to slip into depression at this time of lost expectations. However, I suggest that with a proper understanding of ourselves, what has happened to us, and the grief process, we can make it through. 
Eileen Campbell, in her recent book entitled "Time To Be", talks of the search for calm.
My study of the words of Jesus, Son of God, in the Christian sacred writings, tells me that "...there is a time to be born, a time to die, a time to work and a time to relax, a time to grieve and a time to be happy..."
In today's society we try to negate or delay many of these 'times'. It is possible to be alone and not lonely. It is possible to have a peace in the middle of turmoil.
Some time ago a Christian friend of mine lost his son in a violent way. He said "Jesus was my still point in my violently turning world".
When we don't cope well with what life serves up we are candidates for depression.
The World Health Organisation tells us that depressions will be the dominating disease over the next 20 years. Statisticians also tell us that people in good relationships live longer, are healthier and happier.
Belonging to family and community is vital for physical and mental health. Belonging to the family of God is vital for spiritual health.
The children of God's family have an inner peace that passes all understanding. They can experience that still point in a turning world. There is threrefore the ability to meet those unmet expectations head-on.

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