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"Satan made me do it??"

Hansie Cronje, one of the world's greatest cricketers, was quoted recently in the Herald Sun as having said, "Satan made me do it". He was of course referring to alleged bribe taking. I understand Cronje to be a Christian, that is, one who claims to have committed his life to following the person and principles of Jesus Christ. As a fellow Christian, I felt embarrassed, angry, ashamed and cheated over that headline. 
If this charge is proved true I would want to distance myself from the act, but somehow mirror God's love and forgiveness for the man. I am aware that the devious actions of Satan, the adversary to all of Jesus' works and ways, can so easily influence the hearts and minds of all of us. But I am also aware of the supreme power of God in these situations. I suggest we take some personal responsibility for our actions rather than blaming Satan at every turn. 
A member of the crowd outside the inquiry in Cape Town and dressed like the devil, carried a placard simply marked: "I'm Innocent".
Taking personal responsibility is a choice which follows the choice to carry out the act in the first place. This situation is a timely reminder that many lives are broken and wasted in our valley as a result of succumbing to Satan's persuasions. He will go to any length to blind hearts, minds and our good sense. God said he (Satan) travels to and fro across the earth seeing who he can devour.
The good news is that Jesus came to bind up the broken-hearted and set those of use free who are prisoners of all that binds us. He is the great healer and He gives sight to the spiritually blind. Jesus brings freedom, forgiveness, happiness and a real and deep sense of lasting peace and hope.
May our critical eye turn inward and may we 'do' our lives carefully and in God's strength. After all, it is God who gives us a heightened sense of personal responsibility. 

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