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Focal Point 

Christmas Break-ups

Jingle Bells, Ho-ho-ho, parties and family tension, it's quite a departure from both the original and the true meaning of Christmas. Break-ups have been going on for weeks and the carols have been playing in the shops for what seems like months. Sure, Christmas was always meant to be a time of joy and celebration for it is the birthday of Jesus, however, the birth was just one part of a plan.
The Christian Bible tells us that God conceived a reconciliation plan to renew relationships with alienated friends. It all sounds familiar with the current reconciliation push with our indigenous friends. Easter was also part of the plan, for Jesus was to die in order to remove the win that stood between us and our maker.
The last part of the plan will be experienced by those who accept the reconciliation and live with our Father God forever in the next life. When you sing the carols this Christmas, take notice of the words 'Christ child', 'Saviour', 'came from on high', 'let the earth receive her King', 'born to set Thy people free' and 'let Thy voice call me home' and not that there's more than a baby in this lot.
Surely we've got side-tracked, for many will experience break-ups that have little to do with a happy Christmas for they will be lonely, abused, drunk or drugged. Many a child will experience a broken family and many families will have little to spend on Christmas due to retrenchment and unemployment.
So how about a patch up plan to combat the break-ups; drop a little gift in to a battler, ring up a lonely, share your day with a shut-in. I'm sure you will experience a different Christmas which is more in keeping with the gift of God; Jesus!
And why not contemplate receiving God's gift of life and actually open the package this Christmas. May God bless all our readers and drive safely on our roads.  

Graeme Dawson Focal Point Manager 0409 517273 


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