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Sex in the city

Last month I said I would wrote on this subject, but as I set about the task I realised the enormity of it with only 300 plus word space. However, I'll try to deal with it over the next couple of weeks.
Generally, each of us has a sexual dimension to our lives and to a greater or lesser degree are interested in it. Given that we are by definition sexual, we look to achieve the optimum expression of it in sexual intercourse. However, part of that fulfilment is most often predicated upon other aspects of our nature and make up being fulfilled first. I'm speaking of the emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects. 
There is no doubt our bodies in all these dimensions are built for a oneness in relationship in sexual pleasure as well as the miracle of being able to bring new life into the world. In our society today, many are looking to fulfil those sexual and emotional desires in areas outside of the creator and designer's guidelines. We have trial relationships, defacto relationships outside of marriage, wanton on-the-spot gratification via clubs, bars, strip and peep shows, porn and 'R' rated movies.
Something has happened that to many of us appear like a society, on a slippery slope. Our community leaders look at the way people act and say, "this is what they want". They themselves enact or put in place a process to facilitate and reflect their community standards.
I'm concerned that, without a set of moral and ethical guidelines, this process is like a cat that chases its tail, it finally loses balance and falls over. History tells us that societies have been destroyed as a result of moral decline. There are examples of some self-destructing and examples of the maker's intervention when enough was enough.
In following articles as we look at subjects like, singleness and sexual abstinence, homosexuality and lesbianism, we need to remember that God has shows us the way for sexual and emotional fulfilment and we would be wise to take the opportunity to understand His principles.

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