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Life Journey Reflections » Poems: Life Struggles

  • Poems

    Life Struggles

    Venturing the harder road:
    To love someone else's life
    more than our own,
    to reach out in support
    of another person's weakness
    when we ourselves are falling,
    to give another person hope
    when we are close to despair,
    and to offer forgiveness
    when we are unforgiven;
    this is what you ask of us, Lord,
    and it is hard:

    Hard to give
    when we are poor;
    hard to help
    when we need help;
    hard to encourage
    when we are discouraged.

    Yet Jesus loved
    when he was hated;
    he forgave
    when he was crucified;
    and he won eternal life
    for all mankind
    by his own death.

    It is to faith in him
    you call us --
    not in ourselves;
    we are not asked
    to take an untravelled way
    or to choose
    our direction blindfold:

    You have set
    the crucified Christ before us
    as risen Lord,
    and promised
    that we can share his life.

    So, Lord,
    with this assurance
    we will make our decision
    to love others
    better than ourseves
    and to give them
    life and hope
    whatever the cost.

    We will press on
    knowing that you are with us,
    leading us to fullness of life
    which cannot be taken away.

    Go with us, then,
    into the troubled
    and perplexed world,
    in which we too will be
    troubled and perplexed.

    Go with us
    and help us
    to calm trouble
    and heal perplexity:

    Carrying on our shoulders
    the cross,
    and in our hearts
    the joy of service,
    until Christ's work is complete
    and you are glorified for ever.

    Life's Bitterest Disappointments Are God's Sweetest Appointments

    Out of life's misery born of man's sins
    A fuller, richer life begins,
    For when we are helpless with no place to go
    And our hearts are heavy and our spirits are low,
    If we place our poor, broken lives in GOD'S HANDS
    And surrender completely to HIS WILL and DEMANDS,
    The "darkness lifts" and the "sun shines through"
    And by HIS TOUCH we are "born anew"...
    So praise GOD for trouble that "cuts like a knife"
    And disappointments that shatter your life,
    For with PATIENCE to WAIT and FAITH to ENDURE
    Your life will be blessed and your future secure,
    For GOD is but testing your FAITH and your LOVE
    Before HE "APPOINTS YOU" to rise far above
    All the small things that so sorely distress you,
    For GOD'S only intention is to strengthen and bless you.

    Helen Steiner Rice

    What are the rules
    To the games that we play
    And who are the ones
    To decide?

    Why aren't we born
    With a formatted list
    Of requirements,
    All in a line?

    Where do we play-
    All the miss-fitted fools
    Playing "hide-and-go-seek"
    For the blind,

    How do we act out
    The roles we must play
    Without ever being given
    Our lines?


    My house

    Smudgy windows, padlocked doors,
    A bustling sound within.
    A chink- a glow of candlelight
    But no way to get in.

    Another door- is it ajar?
    And dare I peek inside?
    The boys are busy churning out
    The poems that I write!

    Oh! Here is music! How I love
    That mellow jazzy groove…
    And look! A painting…purple…gold…
    The colours that I use!

    Smudgy windows, smeary glass,
    There's chaos all about,
    But pretty paintings, poems, songs 
    Lie scattered in my house.



Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009