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Life Journey Reflections » Poems: Relationship Struggles

  • Poems

    Relationship Struggles

    A beautiful deep pink flower
    Graced his garden in the spring
    Of his life and multiplied over
    The summer into a mass of colour.

    As autumn approached he did not
    Tend the garden but let the
    Weeds grow over, causing the
    Beautiful bloom to dull.

    The chill of the winter winds and
    Short dark days, took their toll.

    Now gone, or appearing so, the
    Seeds lay as dead until one
    Day the lengthening rays and
    Warmth of the sun heralded
    in new life.

    His beautiful deep pink flower
    Will emerge to grace his
    garden again.

    G. Dawson 19/2/86

    Proof For Today

    It's a new start of a new day
    Waking, I try to feel my way
    What can I feel what can I say
    Lord, it looks like I'll need you today.

    Yes, life's like that now
    On this new and exciting path
    Each day brings new feelings
    Will I cry or will I laugh?

    I know this though, I'll prove your love
    The strength that only comes from above
    Waking, sleeping, no matter what
    A grip of your love is what I've got.

    12/2/86 G. Dawson

    The Highs and Lows

    The highs and lows
    They drive you crazy
    You've got to be sharp
    You can't be lazy.

    Each day it seems
    We face the fury
    Of unsettled thoughts and fears
    The finely balanced
    Thread of tension
    Stretched that far
    You cannot mention.

    All the things you'd wish
    To say
    And if you did or didn't
    Would it save the day?

    I'll just have to ride it out
    Until the storm is past
    In the meantime Lord
    Just give me strength
    For the next almighty blast.

    8/1/86 G. Dawson


    Understanding comes so slow but sure
    Moulding gently to his will
    Each day brings new revelations
    He's always saying peace be still.

    It's often that we think there were
    Odd days we feel we have no care
    But back to earth we come again
    To learn the next step
    Is the name of the game.

    To learn the skills we need to gain
    To work our way through degrees of pain
    It's like in fire we suffer branding
    When we're working through the understanding.

    16/1/86 G. Dawson


    It's a journey with no end
    In a wind of bitter cold

    It's filled with fellow travelers
    When none will walk your road.

    Struggling up the incline
    With none to give a word
    No cheery laugh or smile
    Helping to lighten the load.

    Is a lover beside you
    To whom you cannot call

    Condemnation, angry words
    Too easy to recall.

    Blind Man's Bluff

    Do I move to the left-
    take a step to the right?
    Frozen in halogen-
    the spectators' lights.

    I listen for nuances,
    replay the tones
    of the day's conversations
    in my head, alone.

    Fingertips stretching, to front
    -to the side,
    when I can't see the game
    it's so hard to decide!

    The naïveté of a child
    causes havoc and strife
    by accepting, face value,
    this game we call life.



    Do you love me?
    It's easy to believe
    When life is good, and God is in His place
    Do you love me?
    Is it harder when fatigue
    and time have left their shadows on my face?

    When the waist's a little wider,
    And the curves, it seems to me
    No longer hold the bones beneath
    the flesh so lovingly,
    Do you love me?

    Will you love me?
    Love the woman I will be?
    In twenty years- in thirty years
    Will you still love just me?
    Will you grow old with me, together-
    Are we walking the same path?
    Is the love we share together
    Love that lasts.....and lasts.......and lasts.........

    Will you love me?

    Easter 2001


    Desolation, barrenness,
    There's simply no way out.
    Sliding deeper- no one sees me,
    No one hears me shout.

    Silence, loneliness,
    My mind no longer whole,
    Set a trap and finally caught
    Myself- heart, mind and soul.

    March 2000


    Don't like things just the way they are
    But can't seem to recall
    The way to share my heart with you
    Afraid that we might fall.

    Don't have the trust to share with you
    And know you'll understand
    Don't like the way things feel right now-
    Way out of our command...


    Lassitude seeping through my bones
    Heart pounding, uphill to the surface.
    Gasp a breath and slowly sink
    Down into the haze of oblivion.

    Now that the dust has settled

    Now that the dust has settled
    And the shock type pain has gone
    I wonder if I can keep on trusting
    As the days go on and on

    Now that the dust has settled
    The hard work's just begun
    And when I feel the tough days come
    I often want to run

    But now the dust has settled
    At least I see so clear
    Although I'm struggling with you
    You can be a friend so dear

    And now the dust has settled
    I'm trusting God each day
    As I am working with you
    For he will show the way

    Graeme Dawson 16 & 20/02/86


    We stand today before each other
    Not having stood like this before

    First a look, then a touch
    On my part, I'll want to clutch

    But that's ok to love you still
    Even though, very weak your will

    For it takes two and time I know
    Again to trust and love and grow

    Darling, reach out and take my hand
    And I will try to lead you on
    But will not rush 'till fears are gone

    Have faith my sweet and trust in me
    I'm just as scared as you will be

    Graeme Dawson 05/02/86

    Screwed Up

    Lord, I feel I'm no-where
    Where are you?
    I'm screwed up

    Lord, she says she loves me
    But I feel I can't reach her
    I'm screwed up

    Lord, I want to scream out
    But I'm trapped
    I'm screwed up

    Lord, I want to reach others
    But my mind can't see past her
    I'm screwed up

    Lord, pin me down
    Fill me again
    And calm the spin I pray

    Lord, that she know how I feel
    But she can't
    I'm screwed up

    Graeme Dawson


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009