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Life Journey Reflections » Poems: Loss and Grief

  • Poems

    Loss and Grief


    SURPRISED by joy--impatient as the Wind
    I turned to share the transport--Oh! with whom
    But Thee, deep buried in the silent tomb,
    That spot which no vicissitude can find?
    Love, faithful love, recalled thee to my mind--
    But how could I forget thee? Through what power,
    Even for the least division of an hour,
    Have I been so beguiled as to be blind
    To my most grievous loss?--That thought's return
    Was the worst pang that sorrow ever bore,
    Save one, one only, when I stood forlorn,
    Knowing my heart's best treasure was no more;
    That neither present time, nor years unborn
    Could to my sight that heavenly face restore.


    It seems I held you in my arms
    For such a little while
    Each hour that I carried you
    Imprinted on my heart.

    My children, will you ever know
    The hurt I feel inside?
    The yearning goes on endlessly- 
    It's tearing me apart.

    So let me sing your lullaby
    Although I sing alone,
    Let me dream I'm with you just a while
    Please, let me close my eyes and hear
    Your voices once again,
    Echoing across those endless miles.

    I'll always remember you

    How do I say "Goodbye"?
    How do I let you go?
    And, where do I send you to,
    If once you leave my heart?

    How do I forgive you?
    And, do I really know
    What to do with all
    The pieces torn apart?

    How can I still keep you
    And touch your memory…
    To conjure in my mind
    The sweetest smile?

    My friend, how do I hold the strands
    And weave into my heart
    The colours of the love in you
    And of a broken child?



    We rounded cattle at Kintore
    We swam the Yarra River
    We cantered through the flooded plains
    Of Windsor Park together

    We travelled down the railway lines
    We struggled up steep hills
    We bolted across the widest ditch
    That challenged both our wills.

    You watched me grow in to a woman
    You watched my life unfold
    You taught my children how to ride
    I watched you grow so old

    We travelled many miles together
    We knew how each would feel
    We 'd be there each and every day
    Our love was true and real

    And now your life is over
    And I'm left to carry on
    Now a life we shared so dearly
    I'll have to go alone

    Now enjoy your life in heaven
    Canter freely though please wait
    For when my time befalls me
    I'd like to meet you at the gate.

    Lynne Murray


    In loving memory of my man 
    Snakebite - (fatman - shnook and bones)
    sharing 27 years of love, compassion, friendship and memories - aged 35 years.

    Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong...
    Apart from saying I love you
    I think a dozen times
    This is what I sung to him
    To synchronise our minds

    Under the shade of a Coolabah tree...
    He waited for me on this morn
    he led me to the ground
    I held him tightly in my arms
    Not another sole around.

    And he sang as he watched and waited til his billy boiled...
    Tears falling from my eyes
    Leaving streaks upon my face
    I sung this song from no where
    I knew what we must face.

    Who'll come a waltzing Matilda with me
    Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda,...

    sitting there beside him
    Rocking to and fro
    Stroking his head so passionately
    I had to let him go.

    Up came the jumbuck to drink at that billabong
    Up jumped the swagman and grabbed him with glee...

    I can remember screaming 'Oh my God'
    In an uncontrollable cry
    As I felt his soul separate
    And gallop to the sky

    Up came the squatter riding on his thorough bred
    Up came policemen - one, two , three ...

    I caressed his neck and stroked his head
    Holding him gently in my arms
    He never spoke a word to me
    Yet soaked the tears I shed

    Up jumped the Swagman and jumped into that billabong
    You'll never catch me alive said he..

    I sat beside him, laid beside him
    For nearly half a day
    I couldn't let my man get cold
    I couldn't walk away.

    And his ghost may be heard
    As you pass by that billabong...

    Now Snakebite lies beneath the grounds
    Of the house that I call home
    No more hoof prints in the dirt
    and no more neighs - alone.

    Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda
    But Snakebites ghost may heard
    Just listen to my heart
    The memories of my fine old steed
    are with me til I part.

    Lynne Murray


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009