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Life Journey Reflections » Poems: Christian Devotion

  • Poems

    Christian Devotion

    Your Love is Strong Enough:
    Eternal God,
    we lift up our hearts and praise you
    for the unlimited power of your love in Jesus Christ.

    We thank you, we praise you,
    because he never stopped loving you
    even when his disciples ran away
    and death stared him in the face;

    Because he never stopped loving other people
    even when he was being nailed to the cross;

    Because the worst that men could do
    in sending Jesus to die
    could not stand in the way of your love

    Because you showed us the power of your love
    in raising him from death;

    Because by his dying and rising again
    we know that your love is strong enough
    to go on loving till the end of time.

    Lord, we praise you because we know
    your love must win in the end.


    Morning Peace

    Here in the morning brightness
    Of crispness still with dew,
    I warm my heart in the sunlight
    As I pray and think on you.

    The peace of this blest valley
    With blossoms, birds and song,
    Stand against the darkest times -
    This peace for which I've longed.

    Yes, there were long and darkened days
    That I thought would never pass,
    The birds, their song I didn't hear
    While walking on this path.

    But Lord I love the way
    You gently bring me through,
    The paths of pain by roses rare
    The walk I walk with you.

    Graeme Dawson 


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009