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Life Journey Reflections » Poems: Cries to God

  • Poems

    Cries to God


    Abba, please help us make sense of it all,
    You know, when we're weary, how quickly we fall.
    Wanting is one thing, and yearning for you,
    But walking the path is a hard thing to do.

    Wanting to serve you, to walk in your path,
    Searching and yearning with all of our hearts,
    But shoulder to grindstone, or hand to the plough,
    It's harder to walk in the kingdom right now.



    Help me to love instead of seeking to be loved.
    Help me to be tender, whilst going without.
    Help me to seek to understand instead of seeking to be understood,
    Help me offer a smile when all that's within cries for very loneliness and loss.

    Help me give my bewilderment instead of puzzling alone,
    Help me take my heartache, and leave it at your throne.
    Help me walk the road with you, without a bitter word
    And share my grief with you alone, assured that you've heard.


    Tears in Prayer

    Oh the cleansing flow of tears in prayer
    As I at last lay myself bare
    Healing comes with blest relief
    Gone are the thoughts of unbelief

    Oh the cleansing flow of tears in prayer
    How they make my soul aware
    Of that deep and reaching love
    That only comes from God above

    Oh the cleansing flow of tears in prayer
    They bring sweet fragrance to the air
    It lingers now and I grasp hold
    The feeling now in me is bold

    Lord, bring me back to this place again
    Fill my life and block the pain
    Let me see that through it all
    You only want my all in all

    Graeme Dawson

    Filthy Rags

    He touched a man one day in love
    Knowing the pain it would cause

    He touched him at the very point
    At the knowledge of God's broken laws

    It staggered the man, to think that he
    Would have to go back so far

    To realize his works were filthy rage
    And his pride was such a bar

    The times he thought he measured up
    When Oh, far short he fell

    He touched that man in a miraculous way
    To snatch him from the jaws of hell

    Graeme Dawson 05/11/85


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009