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Life Journey Reflections » Poems: Wonderings at Creation

  • Poems

    Wonderings at Creation


    Mist over water,
    Sunlight on trees,
    Sparkling as gems in the light...
    Haze on blue mountains,
    The brook running free,
    Lifting my Soul to the sky.

    Kisses by starlight,
    Breeze blowing soft,
    Cold gleam of water on skin...
    Warm lips draw music
    From body and soul,
    Igniting Love's embers within.

    Ladybird Interlude

    Ladybird fair, you appeared on my page
    I could see at a glance you were not from a cage
    Your colors struck me as rather spectacular
    Walking on words to use the vernacular
    Over the page and over my hand
    The way you moved seemed so grand
    A circuit, then down, you moved with such grace
    This interlude was one of a pace
    But that's ok, you don't belong
    On pages, hands and words of song
    You live on green and grassy blade
    But thank you for this pleasant parade

    Graeme Dawson


    golden glitter
    dusting the tender bud 
    softly, shyly, lifting her face
    as the warm breeze coaxes her delicate petal
    sweetly, coyly, soft petals unfurl
    trustingly meeting the
    gentle kiss of
    the Sun. 


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009