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Life Journey Reflections » In Memorium

  • In Memorium

[Dear], there's very few words that fully describe you
But a thousand providing a glimpse and a view
Elegant, sensitive, humorous, and caring
Fun loving, encouraging, supportive and sharing
Spirited, strong willed, hard work and giving
Determined to stay in this world of the living
You gave of your time at bingo and more
And Hosting and Cooking was never a chore
The courage you showed amazed us all
With each new challenge you stood tall
There were times when I called thinking what I would say
I knew that you had such a horrible day
Though my words of encouragement came from within
It was you convincing me, this battle you'd win
I'd ask how you keep such a positive mind
You'd answer, "How not, with people so kind"
You told me with family and friends all around
Their impact on you was really profound
But you never quite saw the effect that you had
How you helped us to see the good in the bad
There was only so much we'd talk about you
'Cause you soon interrupted with, "Tell me what's new"
"How's his new job, and the kids, how are they?
Are you all finding time to enjoy and to play?
I can't wait to see you and spend time together
Cause that's what's important, not money, nor weather"
Most important to you was your role as a mother
And a wonderful wife to my most special brother
The bond that you shared was a wonderful sight
Proving to all that things wrong could turn right
So God bless you [dear] you suffer no more
You've passed from this world to an unknown shore
Farewell to my sister your soul has moved on
But know that your presence will never be gone.


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009