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Archives » Yarra Valley FM » The Christian Experience Show

The Christian Experience Show

Compared by Mark & Glenda Riddell

Occasional Guest - Graeme Dawson

Yarra Valley FM 99.1
Sundays 7-9am

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Glenda & Mark, and we present a Christian radio program on Sundays between 7 - 9am. "The Christian Experience" has been broadcast throughout the Yarra Valley & beyond for over 12 years & has a very loyal and established audience of listeners. 
The first hour has a more traditional format with Hymns, Gospel Songs, Poetic Verse, and Bible Readings. We also endeavour to spiritually nurture the frail, elderly & housebound in the community. The second hour incorporates more of a contemporary format in music & verse with an outreach approach to the unchurched. 

We include a children's music section each week & we will be looking to incorporate Interviews with people on their Christian journey. We have also introduced a new segment called 'The Fruit Bowl' to assist with promoting local Christian Singers and Church Bands.

It is our intention to develop links with the Churches & Christian Organisations within the Valley to enable us to better inform the community about activities available, up-coming events etc. We look forward to getting to know you & discovering what your Church or Christian Organisation is doing within the community and finding out if we can help promote your events & activities.

Yours Fruitfully,

Glenda & Mark Riddell
Phone: 5961 5956
Email: griddell@hotkey.net.au

Mark & Glenda in the studio doing the early Sunday morning Christian Experience Show

Jamie Tidd from World Vision being interviewed by Graeme about the Tsunami response on the Christian Experience Show with Mark & Glenda on Yarra Valley FM


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009