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The Chaplain undertakes this role at the invitation of the Worawa Aboriginal College Committee of Management and is accountable to the Committee through the Principal.
The Chaplain brings a Christian perspective of an interdenominational nature as per the founding Elder's wishes.

The role of the Chaplain will be to facilitate personal and pastoral care at all levels of Worawa community life, seeking to work within the framework of the College's philosophy of education and indigenous cultural training.

The Chaplain will be available:
to be a friend and confidant to students and staff.
to provide counselling and support.
to work to enhance the quality of life for students.
to initiate activities that will grow interpersonal relationships and 
reinforce high self-esteem and positive values.
The Chaplain will assist wherever possible in areas of guidance, initiative and action and will be an advocate for Worawa to the outside community.

Review of progress will be undertaken by the Chaplain and the Principal each term and reported to the Committee of Management. A detailed planning proposal for the following year will also be presented to the Committee of Management during term four. 

Conditions, requirements and support:
The Chaplain will hold normal staff status in-so-far-as requiring all the necessary probity checks, and will be covered under the College's liability insurance.
Given that the Chaplain will not be on the payroll, financial support may come from varied sources like churches, community and business. However the College may choose to contribute to that support at a level set by the Committee of Management. 

According to the following principles and practice, the Chaplain is expected to:
· respect the equality of all persons involved in College life. 
· demand of him or her high standards of professional competence, including the need to accept an accountability structure.
· be open to learning through ongoing training.
· strive for excellence in ministry and service.
· lead in an open exploration of the Christian faith in an ecumenical way that is appropriate to the age and maturity of students or others.
· respect the rights of others to have and to hold their own religious positions.
· assist students in the discovery of life-affirming strategies for coping and ongoing wellbeing.
· assist in caring for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the College community.
· respect all confidences shared, with the exception of what is required under the Mandatory Reporting codes. 

Specific targeted guidelines from 14/7/03 to end of year 2003

1/ The Chaplain will attempt to work with the students with the aim of fostering respect for each other and will assist with strategies for 'getting along'.

2/ The Chaplain will work at assisting to improve the self worth of each student through group and or one on one counselling or consultative sessions.

3/ He will assist in developing extra curricula interests and generally work towards positive life directions for the students.

Time frame and process:

The Chaplain will attempt to achieve these aims through a consultative process with the Principal.

The process of dealing with the students will be one of engaging them wherever possible at College and meeting with them in specific weekly sessions.

The Chaplain's availability to achieve these goals will be via suitable times set aside each week.


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