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The Combined Christian Churches of the Yarra Valley, (along the Warburton Highway), are pleased to acknowledge the relationship between their Leaders and Graeme Dawson of Focal Point Ministries.
They confirm that for at least five years Graeme has successfully represented them at Shire level and at the Melbourne Pastor's Network and in general in the community.
They affirm that Graeme has the authority to speak on their behalf in the local press and on radio, and acknowledge his role as Co-ordinator of their Combined Church Leader's Group, and commend his ministries in the community, eg. Chaplain to the Community, particularly in matters of Crisis, and Manager of the Valley Care Counselling Service. 
As co-ordinator of the Combined Church Leader's group, Graeme, is expected to act at all times within the guidelines of their Document of Unity, in an ethical manner, and to care pastorally for the community commensurate with Christian biblical principles.
While Graeme represents the Churches, it is recognized that there is a diversity of doctrinal and biblical understandings among Christians in the Valley, and that there may be times when individual Churches may wish to take a contrary position to that taken by Graeme. This memorandum of understanding in no way negates the right of any church group to take a dissenting position, nor mandates that they must support a position taken by Graeme that is contrary to their biblical understanding.
In terms of accountability the Rev Dr Harold Taylor is Graeme's mentor and editorial critic with regard to the local newspaper articles and in other areas of community involvement.
Graeme's board of reference with whom he is co-jointly accountable are; Rev. Wayne Walters-- Anglican Parish of Wandin, Seville and Mt Evelyn, Pastor Rowan Ames--Valley Christian Fellowship Woori Yallock, Rev David Brown-- St David's Woori Yallock Presbyterian Church and Rev Dr Harold Taylor-retired Vice-Principal, Bible College of Victoria. This representative group also takes pastoral care responsibility for Graeme's wellbeing.
Graeme, through Focal Point, will at all times be expected to bring an even-handed interdenominational perspective on Christian Values to our community.
He is commissioned to act as a representative of Our Lord Jesus Christ via the undersigned Combined Churches.
This agreement stands for twelve months from the 30th April 2003 at which time it will be open for re-negotiation for a further period if and as required.
Signed by the following representative group on behalf of those Churches.

Anglican - Rev Wayne Walters

Presbyterian - Rev David Brown

Baptist Pastor - Alan Smith

River Valley Church - Pastor Andrew Bennett
(Churches of Christ)
Seventh-day Adventist - Pastor Eric Kingdon

Uniting Church - Rev Dr Harold Taylor

Focal Point - Graeme Dawson


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