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24 Hour Prayer Vigil


The Yarra Valley - Warburton Hwy Combined Church Easter Prayer Vigil was held again this year. We assembled on the grounds of St Pauls Anglican Church Seville and had continuous prayer from 6pm Good Friday night until 6am Saturday morning. It was a perfect night with no breeze and not too cold. The always reliable Harold Fox provided the fire brazier and a trailer load of wood to keep us warm overnight & Neville Adams as always provided the flood lighting, the Awakening Banner and a list of phone numbers of other vigils running simultaneously. When we rang some of these groups or they rang us, we were greatly encouraged by the numbers and diversity of those praying. When Williamstown rang us they reported that they had 30 young people there at 1-00am and a guy had wandered off the street who wanted to join in and enquire. Each hour was led by a different leader or group and different topics were covered. We prayed for families in our valley, children's ministries, the poor, the lonely, the grieving, people coming to and or needing counselling, CFA, SES, Ambulance and Police volunteers and paid servants of the community, world missions, Church leaders, CRE teachers, Chaplains and para-church groups. And that was not all. In some of the wee small hours we got down to three or so but even at 2-00am seven young people from River Valley Church arrived. Mark Riddell was running a mid-night to 6-00am radio show that he named 3-16 on Yarra Valley FM simultaneously with us and informing listeners of what and who was or were being prayed for in any one hour slot. We were keeping in touch by mobiles. We believe God answers prayer and it seems appropriate that we watch and pray in the model of those who watched and prayed around the foot of the Cross some two thousand years ago. If you missed out this year contact us about being there next year.


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009