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The following is the prayer guide from the day. 

Your Prayer Guide

Praise: 1/ for God's ongoing supply
           2/ the Lord for His work in the lives of the staff
           3/ the Lord for continuing health, stability & safety 
Prayer: 1/ for continued emotional healing & spiritual insight in the girls' lives
           2/ for appropriate childcare resources
           3/ for building & development plans

Focal Point:
Praise: 1/ for many opportunities to minister in the community
           2/ for the new cutting edge ministry of the website
           3/ for God's unfailing support for this 'Faith' ministry
           4/ God for a new Seville home for the Valley Care Counselling Service & insight for the counsellors
Prayer: 1/ for creative ideas for ministry
           2/ for oppressed & displaced Indigenous peoples of our land

Praise: 1/ for staff & volunteers
          2/ for safety for all concerned
          3/ for co-operating Churches
          4/ Emergency relief funding received
Prayer: 1/ for future direction
           2/ resourcing for emergency relief
           3/ for more volunteers
           4/ Another office volunteer to work 8 hours per week

Radio Ministry: Yarra Valley FM
Praise: 1/ for opportunities to be 'on air' & support received from YV FM Management
           2/ for placing the desire in the hearts of Christians to present
           3/ for lives touched & supported through this ministry
Prayer: 1/ for God's future direction for this ministry
           2/ for opportunities to reach the un-churched with the message of Jesus
           3/ for continued support for the station and God's touch on those who listen

Kids Hope Aus: 
Praise: 1/ for 200 mentors from our Shire already trained & in schools
          2/ for the schools willing to have the program
          3/ for children whose lives are being impacted by the love & care of mentors
Prayer: 1/ for willing churches that need people-resources
           2/ for children needing additional support
           3/ for Principals & teachers in our schools

Praise: 1/ to the Lord & thanksgiving for this wonderful opportunity for outreach
          2/ for being able to share God's love with the children
          3/ for open acceptance in the schools 
Prayer: 1/ for new enthusiastic trained teachers
           2/ for regular prayer support for students, staff & parents
           3/ for continued acceptance of CRE & all needed resources 

Praise: 1/ for the way God has opened doors for chaplains to speak truth & faith & bring comfort & healing into young lives
          2/ for the acceptance chaplains have received from staff
          3/ for wider ministries opened through the door of chaplaincy
          4/ for funds made available to keep the chaplaincy going
Prayer: 1/ for the position of temporary development officer to continue
           2/ that God will enable chaplains to offer wisdom, love & Eternal hope to children, staff & parents


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009