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Comments from year 8 students after a visit to an Aboriginal College:

Kar Man Yan
Interesting. A lot of information and culture that is being taught and respected which I think is a fantastic thing. Keep up the good work.

Susannah Green
It was great to see a school that was fully committed to educating and nurturing Aboriginal children and teens. It’s excellent that there is a group of young Indigenous people who are being trained to be the leaders of the Australian Aboriginals of the future. It is also very encouraging to know that not only are these students being nurtured into the future leadership of Australia but that they are also being taught of their own heritage and are so proud of it along with their culture and identity.

Nicolette Duncan
Beautifully setup, a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal culture, whilst learning the standard academic subjects practiced in schools across the world. Great family/ community feeling. Good Work!

Jessica Dumble:
It was moving to see kids that were so proud of their culture and who they are, when in today’s society we go to such great lengths to hide our heritage. It was wonderful to feel instantly welcomed upon arrival, and the warmth that I felt during those few hours was incredible. I hope I get the chance to revisit Worowa College and that the campus may grow and give more Indigenous students the chance to learn.

This is the way I responded:
To Mr John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia,
    Recently I was sitting in my school assembly when a Christian Aborigine came to talk to us and he had some beliefs and ideas which in which I believe the rest of Australia should hear.
    On behalf of the youth of today, who might I add are going to be the next leaders of Australia. I think it's time you found out what us kids really want. We may want the latest mobile phones and fashion but clearly that really isn't that important but what we want is to make a difference.
    Australia as you probably know is the only first world country that does not have a treaty with their Aborigines. I for one do not want the generation in 200 years time or 100 years time for that matter, to still be at the point in which we are today with our culture and background. I do not want them to have to say sorry and bring up the mistakes of long ago, again.
    If it is done now then the people in 200 years time with more pressing issues and let me tell you if we do not clear this up now it is going to continue after your time until someone else does. The supposed important issues are War but as long as there is any hatred in this world, Wars are just going to continue, everyone knows that. Let us show the world why we are know to be a peaceful and a loving country and let's start with the basics, with our own country. This has gone on for far too many years. I know it's not as simple as signing a treaty but let the older generations and the next generation come together and make a start, whatever happens it happens.

God Bless You
From a PLC Student (aged 13)


I have enjoyed reading the various articles you have online along with linked sites. It is quite informative and covers a number of issues and topics ( Aboriginal Issues and Book reviews, Yarra Valley FM, Valley Care, Combined Church Activities, Pastors Network, Mail Articles, etc).

Your link to Kidshealth is also a valuable resource for all parents. 
I haven't had time to go through everything, suffice to say that what the site contains is informative, educational and will challenge people too! 

I look forward to one day catching up with you in person, hopefully in the near future (maybe even have an opportunity to see with my own eyes the great things that you and your team are doing for the Yarra Valley Community). 

Bye for now, 
Gordon Walker

I really appreciated your review on "Blood on the Wattle". It's in bloom everywhere with that constant memory of our past. -A.G.
Dear Graeme,
              Thanks so much for your website, particularly the advocacy section. Shame on me that I haven't responded and shared something of my journey and thoughts as you have. Hopefully today is a start. What amazes me is that I'm finding a growing group of people are on the journey too. Your website could be a focus! (focalpoint) You're one step ahead of me Graeme. Thanks. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to discover our true history.....now it never leaves me. I have so many thoughts to share that overwhelm me day and night.      
Blessings in Christ,


Focal Point Yarra Valley 2009